About us

In 2016, when Gony was exploring Korean first-year birthday customs for her son, a friend gifted him a small birthday present wrapped in Bojagi. Captivated by the eco-friendly charm and the fancy, upgraded look of this traditional wrapping style, Gony found her inspiration. The simple and beautiful act of using bojagi to wrap gifts, which has a more elegant and luxurious appearance, has become Gony's way of spreading joy—a constant happiness that brings smiles to people when they receive it. :)

In our one-day Bojagi classes, Studio Post provides live demo to individuals in small-group sessions. During each session, you can learn five distinct ways to wrap, choosing from a collection of over 100 wrapping techniques. This engaging experience usually takes about one and a half to two hours in our cozy NYC studio.

 In addition, Studio Post provides collaborative sessions tailored to various brands, groups, and functions. Our proficiency includes collaborating with companies for customized team-building activities, brand launches, special packaging projects, and more. We can tailor sessions to meet your specific needs, creating unique wraps for your brands or gifts.


  If you're interested in hosting a session for your group, whether it's friends or family, Studio Post can cater to your specific needs. Our classes are suitable for individuals aged 7 and up!



CONTACT : gcody@studiopostus.com

Or DM on instagram @studioposthere